Questions block to public access TV


I have been following with great interest the dialog about the proposal for a public access channel in Bellingham. To summarize: there are funds for this from the city's and county's contracts with cable companies; there is public support, as previous letters to the Herald amply demonstrate; there is support on both county and city councils; there is an application to do this from a group of professionals with what I believe to be a viable business plan; and yet we do not have a channel. I will say it again: we. It seems that someone is purposefully blocking a good proposal for community driven programming that would benefit us all.

So, if the "someone" is an elected official, let's un-elect that person. If it is a city worker, let's replace and be certain that when we hire the replacement it is a person who understands the phrase "public service."

This should have been a "no-brainer," but, then again, maybe it has been. Let's get the local voice out there, for all of us.

John Purdy


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