Unhappy with legislative inaction


Upon reading the shocking story, "In three seconds, everything washed away," regarding the severe mudslides in Snohomish County, I cannot believe what I am reading. Meanwhile, the front page of The Bellingham Herald announced that Washington State legislators failed to make any movement toward putting oil rail transport or coal exports on hold, and that any further sessions would "'be put off until next year." Have our elected state representatives gone criminally insane?

Why do we have elected officials at all if all they do is sit around, getting substantially paid, and wait?

What are they waiting for?! What region can we expect to lose next under this do-nothing political atmosphere?

Is scenic Chuckanut Drive, along State Route 11, ironically featured in this Sunday's Travel Section in The Seattle Times next? This is not Hollywood, folks! This is Washington and Oregon states, the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most beautiful and sought-after parts of the world in which we are so fortunate to live.

I believe the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal at Cherry Point and oil rail terminals at BP and Union76, via Burlington Northern Sante Fe, are impending disasters and are what should be "put on hold," permanently, along with the paychecks of legislators dumb enough to sit idly by!

Wendy H. Bartlett


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