Supports efforts to improve cycling


Kudos to Bellingham's bicycle commission for its efforts to develop continuity in our community for bicyclists moving through and around town. As a peddler, there is pride in moving through and around town as fast or faster, than my four-wheeled companions, and these developments will improve my abilities to get to and from work and around town under my own power. I would like to see city development efforts working to build up our biker friendly neighborhoods, and encourage car free lifestyles. The people are demanding convenient, affordable, urban housing situations where pedal power is sufficient for daily commuting, let's improve those opportunities and foster compact, energy-efficient lifestyles for those who want them. If politicians in Olympia cannot come up with transportation solutions for us, at least our city is on the right track adopting new options for commuters in town. Let's encourage those options to keep growing by supporting the commission's work to improve access to safe and convenient routes around town.

Erik Goheen


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