Happy university banned water bottles


I think it is great that WWU has now banned the selling of plastic water bottles. It is such a waste of money going to the grocery store or going to a restaurant and paying for water. Most students on campus bring their own water bottle anyway and I know some people think that tap water tastes different than filtered and sometimes it does but we should all be happy that we actually do have access to water and we don't have to go search for it like some people in other countries. It is so easily accessible to us and no one should be charged for water. I use the water bottle refill stations all the time around campus and they are so easy and even the water is cold when it comes out. It also taste perfectly fine. Selling plastic water bottles also adds to waste that we do not need and I am actually surprised that only 13 percent of people recycle them and not more people recycle their plastic water bottles if they have one. I think that WWU is setting a good example to all the other universities in Washington and in other states and I am happy to know that I go to a school where people care and are willing to fight for two years for something they believe in.

Emilee Carpenter


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