Says no excuse for bad landlord


Yep, I'm a landlady and have been for over 40 years! I read what I saw as inexcusable excuses from a landlord to the condition of his rentals. I was appalled that he considers rent over $1,000 a month as low-income rent! If the facts as stated in the paper March 22 are even one-quarter correct I support all his tenants getting a full refund of any and all monies paid to him in good faith.

Every excuse he made: didn't know needed building permits, tenants and government out to get him, also having excuses on cords for power, no approved septic permit, etc. show to me he has no business being in the rental business, ever!

Greed is so cruel and ugly, if people have no place to go then why are they being charged up to $1,000 a month to live in filth? No excuses, this landlord was given plenty of time (over 1 year) to improve the situation, now he should pay for his behavior.

I feel this is the beginning of trying to establish the landlord tenant act locally.

There are bad apples in every every barrel, don't judge the tree because of a few worms, or even a couple of big worms!

This is a sad day because I'm embarrassed this landlord considers himself in the rental business, which I've found to be a rewarding and positive experience for me and my tenants. I've had one tenant in three different houses for over 20 years! My tenants know I will take care of them in their "home," mutual respect and compassion goes a long way.

Janet Needler


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