Whatcom Tea Party encourages citizens to learn about, participate in government


In stark contrast to the steady drumbeat of the mainstream media, most Tea Parties are nothing more than independent groups of independent libertarians (with a lowercase "L"), who are busy raising their families, and working at their jobs, trying to carve out some security for themselves and their families. We believe the Constitution says what it means, and means what it says, and we demand that our government follow it. We believe government derives its just authority from the consent of the governed, and not the reverse.

American founder and author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground." This is no abstract concept, and it isn't some conspiracy theory. It is a statement of fact. While we citizens work at our day jobs, there are people for whom it is their day job to promote the mission creep that typifies government agencies at all levels: bureaucrats, rent-seeking grant-grubbers, crony capitalists and "non profit" special interest groups, all growing government and eroding personal freedom.

It is for this reason that the Whatcom Tea Party has adopted the slogan, "Just show up!" to encourage ordinary citizens to first understand the principles of good government, and then participate in the government process: show up at the voting booth, show up for council meetings, show up for school board meetings, volunteer for committee positions and run for office.

Freedom Academy 3.0, 6-9 p.m., Tuesday, March 25 at the Rome Grange, is intended to teach ordinary citizens how to participate in civic affairs more effectively. How to run for office, and how to help and support those running for office - what to expect, and what to watch out for.

This is the third year Freedom Foundation has offered this program, and the second year the Whatcom Tea Party has sponsored it locally. Although the focus will be power to the people and personal liberty, anyone is welcome to attend - regardless of your political stripe. The information presented is practical, not ideological.


The Whatcom Tea Party is hosting the Freedom Academy, presented by the Freedom Foundation of Washington State, from 6 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, at Rome Grange, 2821 Mount Baker Highway.

The event offers information on how to be an informed voter, understand and protect tax dollars and how to participate in the election process.

Donations will be accepted at the door.

The Whatcom Tea Party is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization and does not endorse any political party, candidate or for-profit educational events. For more information online, go to whatcomteaparty.org.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Karl Uppiano is a software engineer who makes his home in Ferndale. He is president of Whatcom County Citizens for Freedom, which is known as the Whatcom Tea Party.

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