Backs initiative for political disclosure


A New York Times article of March 1 stated that the very nature of our political spending is changing the way we elect our representatives. This is a result of the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision, which said corporations have the same rights as people and equated money to free speech. Donations are now going to "clubs of elite donors" and they "are taking a more central role in shaping policy and campaigns, displacing party leaders and the outside-spending organizations they helped create..." It is believed that the "devolution of the two-party has begun." I believe vested wealthy people are writing the political agenda, backing candidates who become indebted to them and who pass laws benefiting their causes. This leaves you and me with little or no influence. There is something that we as individuals can do and that is to get money out of politics. Initiative 1329 is a Washington effort to do just that. It is a citizen's initiative that states that natural persons, not corporations, have rights that are protected under the constitution and that our government should have the authority to regulate and publicly disclose political contributions and expenditures. There are volunteers now in our county collecting signatures. Look for them, perhaps volunteer yourself ( and become part of the solution to reclaim our democracy.

Naomi Murphy


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