Pleased with result of health care act


Thanks to the Affordable Care Act my 45-year-old niece, who has worked since the age of 16, now has health insurance for the first time in her life. She is not a supporter of President Obama but, desperately needing health insurance for her family, she checked out the website, ( and found she could actually afford the coverage it offered. So, despite all the negative information she had heard and how she still feels about the man in the White House, she signed up for it and ... she is insured!

When my sister was stricken with arthritis not only did she have to worry about the destruction the disease could bring her body, she also had to worry about losing her job of 34 years and the health insurance that went along with it.

As of Jan. 1, these hard-working women will not have to worry about being without health care ever again. They cannot be denied insurance nor can their insurance be cancelled because they get sick.

The Affordable Care Act has allowed me to get insurance that has drug coverage, which I have not had in several years. In addition, it has a lower deductible and lower co-pays as well as 80 percent of my premium dollars must be spent on health care and not go to insurance company profits.

I would prefer single payer health insurance (Medicare) for all. But for now, the Affordable Care Act will do just fine.

Linda Schonborn


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