Backs moratorium on rail oil transport


I am concerned with oil coming by train through my community and through the rest of Washington. Four facilitates are presently shipping oil by rail, having attained a permit without a comprehensive environmental assessment. Seven more facilities have applied for permits that would enable transporting even more oil by rail. Cumulatively these projects could add more than 750,000 barrels of oil a day. Many of the tanker cars being used are decades old and have been found to be unsafe. In the past six months, there have been four major oil train derailments in North America, resulting in exploding tanker cars.

We need a timeout to understand the cumulative impacts of transporting all of this crude oil through our communities: impacts on our water sources, our fisheries, on the climate and on the safety in populated areas.

I support and urge our legislators to support an immediate moratorium on crude oil transport by rail through Washington. It has not been demonstrated that this oil is needed in our state in even in this country. We should not be incurring risks to our lives or damage to our environment so that oil companies can profit from exports.

Marlene Ayala


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