Questions U.S. interest in Ukraine


I believe the propaganda campaign for action against Russia coming from Washington and the media is not even a semi-rational response to the facts at hand. Are we looking at another destructive spasm from the Washington beltway of diplomatic meddling, economic warfare threats, and possible military intervention?

The source of the current concern about Russia is the upheaval in the Ukraine. Is our military, diplomatic and economic maneuvering on the prowl for more missions and mandates? Are we witnessing another disinformation campaign for war and not for peace? Does the U.S. public really want another destructive war?

The post-1991 absurdity of bolstering NATO and extending NATO into eastern Europe, rather than liquidating it after attaining "mission accomplished," is insane. The expansion of NATO to Russia's borders is one of the underlying causes of America's needless tension with Russia and Putin's concerns about security. Are you willing to loose your children and tax money to defend a former Russian province?

What political minds determined that America needs a military alliance with Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania! In less than two weeks the U.S. Congress found $1 billion for Ukrainian intervention, but only cuts unemployment insurance, food stamps, research, and social programs at home.

Thomas Gilmore


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