Finds meaningful life in self control


Who can deny that man is flawed? There are two closely linked flaws: (1) desire for instant gratification and (2) his predilection to be ruled by those whom he believes can meet his instant-gratification needs.

It's always about "power to the people," "democratic reform," and other buzz phrases that are destined to fade into oblivion shortly after a new power structure becomes entrenched and the masses are forced to sit down, shut up, and do as they're told.

In this regard the world will never be free, thus it is up to each individual to find ways to live as freely as possible in the world as it is rather than the world as he would like it to be.

Conventional wisdom says that the way to bring about change in a "democracy" is through the electoral process. It's a lovely theory, to be sure, but I believe the reality is that elections, at best, only slow the government's ride down the road to serfdom. At worst, they accelerate it.

It's true that power holders can dole out freebies to this or that group of "deserving" citizens (and non-citizens), but they cannot give them happiness, self-esteem, virtuosity, high moral standards, hope for the future, or any number of other invaluable abstracts that are essential to living a meaningful life.

The reality is that the only thing over which you have control is your own thinking and your own actions.

Wayne Farber


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