Bogus Basin's good vibrations on sunny, warm spring evenings

March 13, 2014 

A skier soaks up the late-afternoon sun Wednesday at Bogus Basin, where spring-like temperatures mean good but short-lived skiing and riding.


Like many in the Treasure Valley, I often turn my attention away from Bogus Basin when the weather turns sunny and warm. But I had a new snowboard to ride, so I hit the slopes Wednesday evening after work.

The sky was as clear and blue as tropical water, which made the snow sparkle like rhinestones, and the slopes were surprisingly busy. Ski racers slithered through slalom gates beneath the Deer Point lift while other skiers soaked up the sun and slipped down the slopes. It was a cool atmosphere. Not rushed like on a powder day, but a cheerful, laid-back evening with the sun high and warm enough you could peel to a base layer.

I expected it to grow dark when shadows grew long and created elongated stick figures that mimicked the skiers swooshing down the slopes, but my legs gave out before the sunlight did. As I rolled down Bogus Basin Road, the mountain bikers were out in full force like dirt-riding brethren of the snowboarders upslope.

It can be hard to climb the hill to Bogus when it's sunny and 60 in the valley. It's worth the trip, but don't delay. I'm guessing after a week of sunny, warm weather, snow conditions will go downhill faster than a giant slalom racer.

You also have the option of skiing in the morning and riding or hiking the Foothills trails in the afternoon, or vice versa. That's a double-barrel blast of fun. Whatever you do, just get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, and life outdoors.

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