Wants homeless care bill to pass


I cannot understand Rep. Vincent Buys' disappointment with 29 percent drop in homelessness. He wants 50 percent. Who doesn't? Twenty nine percent speaks of improvement that can be furthered with even more funding. Why isn't he supporting the effort through HB 2368?

Rep. Buys belongs to a party concerned about individual freedom. For whom? Do not the homeless individuals need shelter, food, education, health care? Lives are disrupted without shelter. Kids can't get to school, don't have steady meals, struggle with the need for warmth in winter, study time is limited with constant movement.

I think Rep. Buys is thinking in short term fixes. The far-reaching view is that we will have to pay for these in the long term. Does he wish to foist this on the his kids and grandkids? Is it not more pragmatic to prevent rather than punish? We will have to take care of the neglected at some point. Let's begin now when we have the choice.

Belle Shalom


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