Happy Girl Scouts end Barbie partnership


I whole-heartedly agree that Girl Scouts should end its partnership with Barbie. I think it stands against everything that Girl Scouts strives to teach their girls to be. By associating these young girls with Barbie, you are not setting them up to be strong, confident women who can be anything; you are setting them up to self-objectify. You are giving these girls a role model whose primary characteristic is to be happy and look appealing, essentially a sexual object. Not to mention they are comparing themselves to an unrealistic ideal of the perfect woman, and you are now telling them that they have to achieve this unreal perfectionism to do or be anything they want to? Studies show that women who self-objectify have lower self-esteem, are more likely to engage in self-harming behaviors, get lower grades in school, and have less political efficacy. The career-based website, intended to promote career opportunities, has nothing to do with academic achievement. Instead it is teaching the girls that they are only as good as what they wear. I think it's time to get rid of Barbie and use an actual strong, confident, independent, real woman for these girls to look up to.

Breauna Bergren


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