Backs single-payer health care system


When Albert Einstein stopped looking for solutions to the puzzling behavior of light in the framework of Newtonian physics, he created a new concept of physical reality: the theory of relativity. Paradigm shift is how humans make progress.

While stuck in traffic in Seattle, I noticed the color, purpose, makes and destinations of vehicles. It occurred to me that they represent differing people. All were driving on one infrastructure, the highway system we all use and pay for. Despite differing destinations or purpose for their usage of the system, it is there for their use, as needed.

Our road system is like needed medical coverage; everyone needs it, but for individual degrees, at different times, for different purposes. The state of Washington offers over 300 different kinds of insurance entities and plans. Imagine a road system with over 300 different roads with different destinations and allowing only certain vehicles or auto makes on specific roads. Some roads would be gravel, some muddy tracks, some one lane, some super highways. How inefficient, complex, redundant and cost ineffective!

Whatcom county and our state has an opportunity to be a leader in demonstrating to the rest of the country how cost saving and efficient a single payer system would be. Let's get to work!

Donna Starr


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