Says increased wages will increase prices


In rebuttle to the letter to editor on wages, $7.25 is federal. The $9.38 Washington state rate is higher than in most states. As an employer, I have heard prices all over the map of wage rates. I do not care what you earn, because whatever you get you will spend and then still say you are broke. People wants all the perks, even if they can not afford it. We are a spoiled world and no rate would be right, as the general public demands. Your fight is not with the world of business. I believe you are only being envious that others are more sucessful. I as a farmer I will have to receive more, if the people's wages are raised to meet their demands. So in the end, no one is richer. It is sad that liberals, I believe, cannot see that the light at the end of the tunnel is just another train.

Darryl Ehlers


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