Concerned about technology changes


The Economist and the book "Boys Adrift" tell it: As nano-chips kill more and more jobs, riots and martial law just might happen if changes aren't made.

I believe in fracking energy independence, but globalized factories back, visa extensions to foreign tech graduates, automation inhibition by eliminating the minimum wage, right-to-work, no cap-and-trade fees on oil producers, lots of boys into tech schools and state- and corporate-funded scholarship priorities for engineering majors are absolute imperatives! Vital, as well: tax reductions, along with environmentally friendly farming and industrial corridors filling containers back to China, and tuition cuts via no federal subsidies, direct or indirect, to competing educational institutions.

On the big data side, hip cities like Bellingham hyping "entrepreneurial ecosystems" are needed locally to counter continuing cuts caused by shopping online, experts online, canned software, "trainable software," 3-D printers, etc..

And, sheriff and state police forces muscling up to help city cops contain public uprisings is at least worth deliberating. Environmental agency "cubicle cops" transformed into deputies and officers ticketing polluters on routine patrols using Hach test kits also would be better prepared for satellite electronic and/or power grid catastrophe -- while saving tons more fish, to boot!

Terry Montonye


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