Finds silver lining in recent snowfall


Dear Bellingham,

You have had a really pretty gift these past days. You didn't even share your big, white, blanket with many other towns. It was just for us, your loving residents.

Thank you, Bellingham for being so darn beautiful. The lights reflected on the snow made its surface glitter like diamonds. Downtown was lit up with bright colors reflected on your cover, the only time we like neon.

If I didn't have my notions of history, I could believe that those snow-topped mountains in the distance provided the inspiration for the word majestic because they most surely are.

But more than that, your blanket inspired awe and play. I noted the photos on my Facebook page that shared various snow scenes in various yards all over town. I saw pictures of exhilarated children in cute, brightly colored hats. And wary, first-timer cats. I noted the creative snow creatures that were often positioned for the benefit of passers by. Lots of children big and small had fun making those, I am sure.

The most notable was that people seemed cheerier, friendlier, willing to talk and laugh with people unknown to them. There was more play, more wonder, more appreciation of the enhanced beauty we have here where we live. Enhanced by your gift. And for a few days, your excitement was less subdued.

Could it be that your cold blanket made people warmer?

Mary Jane Fraser


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