Suggests need for preparedness


With regard to today's letter concerning Sudden Valley's recent power outage, a more positive response might have been to consider it a wake-up call to prepare for future emergencies.

An earthquake, an electro-magnetic pulse or storms could cause all of Bellingham, if not the region, to lose power, gas, water and/or telephone land lines/cell phone connections. There might not be food in the stores or the ability to pump gas.

There are many websites and books on how to prepare for such events. Camping equipment such as a stove, water filter and small propane canisters, water and food would work. An approved indoor propane heater is available using the same propane canisters and would make a room comfortable.

Hopefully these preparations won't be necessary but I believe that it's better to have them and never need them than to need them and not have them. We live in uncertain times.

Liz Washburn


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