Backs solar power for households


I'm a consultant to the oil industry, and I support solar energy! Like so many of us, we have cars running on fossil fuels and heat with gas. Fortunately we don't have an oil or coal furnace like our parents did. Imagine all the black smoke that puts into the air and our lungs. Can't help thinking about the Ben Stiller in Zoolander, "I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop!"

I wonder why more people don't appreciate and use solar energy. Even in the cloudy Whatcom County winters, we produce solar power. In the summer, we can convert more solar energy than a household can use. Our state and PSE make it possible to sell the solar-turned-electricity back to the grid - that's really cool.

There's some concern about funding startups with tax credits. I think doing that forever is stupid (or someone has a very good and expensive lobbyist - but that's another letter to the editor). The oil industry still gets massive tax credits for research even though they've been an industry for many decades (refer to previous comment on who has expensive lobbyists).

By offering tax incentives, we can help fledgling businesses making solar panels and install them. They are also creating jobs in our area. And let's support the homeowners who buy those solar panels. It makes energy sense and it's good for our local economy.

And you know it's true, coming from an oil industry representative.

Paul Orlowski


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