Unhappy with storm power outage


Our deepest gratitude to the technicians who worked long hours in lousy weather to restore our power after this weekend's storm, and to our Bellingham Herald carrier who made his rounds here in Sudden Valley! Although Sudden Valley has existed since the 1970s, we believe our large community is underserved by PSE. This heavy, wet snow caused considerable tree and limb damage, so it would be prudent for PSE to underground their utilities. It seems they would rather pay repair crews to fix the downed lines than to make sure the lines are safe underground.

During the 45-hour period from 1 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 23, through 10 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24, we had power for only 9 hours. By 5 p.m. Monday it was only 51 degrees in our condo and we had no idea when power could be restored. We have no fireplace or other heat source and we couldn't tolerate that continuous cold and dark any longer. We spent Monday night at the Best Western Lakeway Inn, which generously provided a power-outage discount to those who came in much in need of power, light, warmth and a hot meal.

It should not be this way. Storms happen. We have lots of trees. PSE should plan and provide for contingencies and make customer service foremost in its business plan. We are sick and tired of freezing in the dark out here!

Joyce and Doug Dillenberger


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