Unhappy with cost of health care


I own a small business and provide health insurance to employees that otherwise do not have insurance through their spouse. I can give you my premium package that I had to decline and advise a long-standing employee that I could not afford an 81 percent increase in monthly premiums and a doubling of deductables. This young woman is in perfect health and of course me, at 62 years of age and in great health, had a mandatory Obama care plan with dental insurance for my children, none, under the age of 30. as well as pap smears (never had one yet) but then again a 81 percent increase caused me to transfer to catastrophic care (still at exhorbitant prices) and informed my staff that I could not pay their premiums. Therefore, Sen. Murray with your federal benefits and great coverage, write a letter and give a speech that you are going onto the state exchange because it is such great coverage. My bet, it will not happen. Further, I had been saving to buy a motorcycle as a near-retirement expenditure; I had to inform a local dealer that with my increased premiums I would not be spending money on a luxury. Tell that story to local businesses, Sen. Murray.

Gregory Kosanke


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