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March 5, 2014 

Outdoor Idaho gets adventurous with new show

An hour-long episode airing at 8 p.m. Thursday captures outdoor adventurers as they rappel through a waterfall, climb a mountain, plunge into rapids and circumnavigate the state. The show will repeat at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 16.

“The online publication Adventure Journal conducted a poll last year and, hands down, Idaho won as the best state for adventure. So we decided it was time to explore this quest for adventure,” says Executive Producer Bruce Reichert.

Cameras follow Idahoans into narrow canyons, down cliffs and up hillsides for a first-person perspective.

“We asked Idaho’s modern-day adventurers to share their GoPro (wearable camera) videos with us,” Reichert says. “We’ve never done that before, and they came through with flying colors.”

F&G video teaches pet owners about traps

A new instructional video — Releasing your Dog from a Trap — is available on Idaho Fish and Game’s website and YouTube channel fishandgame.idaho.gov/trap.

Intended to aid dog owners, the video shows and explains the variety of traps and snares pet owners may encounter, as well as methods and simple tools you may need to safely release your dog should it get caught.

Fish and Game has reported an increasing trend in incidental dog catches — from two in 2000 to 32 in 2013. Two dogs were also reported killed in body grip traps this year. The increase and recent incidents, coupled with a heightened concern by dog owners, prompted the agency to develop the video.

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