Indian Street rioter pleads guilty, gets jail time


BELLINGHAM - A man who threw several bottles at police vehicles during the October riot on Indian Street is serving 60 days in jail, after pleading guilty last week.

A large party of around 400 people was ordered to disperse from Indian Street, near Laurel Park, on Oct. 12. Hundreds of partiers did not follow those orders and began pelting police vehicles with bottles and other items.

At least five police vehicles were damaged during the incident, and one was taken out of service as a result, according to court documents. More than $20,000 in damage was caused that night.

Collin M. Lewis, 23, was arrested for failure to disperse on Oct. 12 after police witnessed him return to the crowd several times after being told to leave, according to court documents. Lewis is not a student at Western Washington University.

Lewis pleaded guilty on Feb. 27 to rioting while armed, according to court documents.

Cases are still pending for two other people arrested the same night, according to court documents.

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