Thanks crews for tireless work


I wanted to take a moment to thank the road crews that worked so diligently to clear the snow and ice from our roads to allow safe passage for the motorists during this late February snow storm.

We often forget these hard-working folks, but they are all I could think of during the latest bout of winter weather. I watched them clear impassable county roads, I-5 and Bellingham city streets.

For those of us dependent on getting to doctor's appointments and emergency care, the road crews make all the difference! Even at 10:30 p.m. to see the county plowing our housing development of its foot of snow in the road, we were all elated we weren't forgotten, but rather, we were looked after.

We all know this type of work is part of the road crew's job descriptions, but not often do I see any gratitude extended their way. So, thank you Whatcom County Road Division and Operations (including dispatch), Bellingham Public Works Street Crew and Washington Department of Transportation I-5 crew.

You're all so appreciated and keep up the good work!

Susan deLucia


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