Offers perspective on guns, abortion


The letter favoring tax exemption for guns and cutting services for Planned Parenthood to pay for exemption raises interesting points, overlooks others. Gun deaths in U.S., according to the CDC, have gone up each year since 1999, (28,575 vs. 31,328 in 2010 excluding legal interventions) though rising slower than the rate of population increase, meaning a slight reduction in the gross death rate per 100,000 individuals during that time from 10.2 to 10.1.

Of 16,259 reported homicides in 2010, 11,078 were gun related, and of 38,364 suicides, 19,392 used firearms (yes, numbers don't match total above, but come from different CDC reports). More guns result in more deaths, even if rates go down. If these numbers are fine with you, support greater access to firearms.

Unlike homicide, abortion is a legal medical procedure in the U.S. The debate revolves around the notion of when life begins. Is a fertilized egg a human being? A cytoplast? A fetus with a heartbeat? A fetus that is viable outside the womb? Birth? Until there is a clear consensus about when life begins, this debate will rage on.

Sixty-five percent of women obtaining abortions in the U.S. identify as Christian.

Evan Ritchie


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