Wants marijuana to fund research


I-502 earmarked cannabis revenue to expand the now defunct Basic Health program, and should be repurposed, in my opinion, into a jobs and wellness research project. Imagine organizing the existing cannabis/recreation culture and holistic healing businesses into a tourist destination package. Then explore and research new connections and ways of thinking using social media platforms. Basically, cannabis tourism as "holistic-ecological-synergy" that's focused on holistic healing plus 3-D ecological sensing and synergistic dreaming in Washington state (but especially here).

Obviously too complex to detail here, selling cannabis as just another commodity without recognizing the human-social impact of its use, seems profoundly short sighted (normal). Especially when the editors of Scientific American say it's past time to let scientists study the efficacy of psychoactives, like cannabis, in easing psychological disorders. Yet, like cannabis tourism, holistic human research isn't on anybody's radar. Not in the rush to stripmine the cannabis culture and the real people that would love having a holistic ecological vocations and synergistic dream jobs, that help scientists better sense wellness of body, mind and spirit.

John C. Ruth


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