COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Readers discuss state pot revenues


We asked on Facebook how the state should spend marijuana tax receipts next year on a post about a Feb. 19 news story headlined "Report: Millions to state from pot sales next year" by Associated Press reporter Rachel LaCorte:

Jill Feenstra:

"To schools, duh! Pay those teachers a little more, fix those broken boilers, offer healthy lunches, and fund after-school programs. I don't even have kids, but this makes sense."

Francis Robichaux:

"How about they spend it on the hard drug epidemic they are about to create by doubling the price of pot and making hard drugs the cheapest drugs?"

Stacey Redmon Kendrick:

"Schools and amiable social service offerings (the ones that break cycles and change the future, which can take us right back to education). And I think Bham could use more drug task police enforcement as well."

Danielle Price:

"I hope it goes to the schools, way too many programs have been cut."

Jane Mitchell Hebert:

"Front page of the Denver Post today outlines use of state revenue from pot sales: $45.5 million for youth use prevention, $40.4 million for substance abuse treatment, $12.4 million for public health, $3.2 million for law enforcement, $1.8 million for regulatory oversight, $200,000 for statewide coordination.

"Also Colorado assesses an additional 15 percent excise tax on pot sales of which $40 million a year is designated for school construction. Right or wrong, this is Colorado's plan."

Brian Sibley:

"My understanding is that it's all going to the state general fund, which is exactly where it should go. That way it can be directed to areas of greatest need from year to year."

Kristy Carrico Smith:

"Education and to help those with disablities."

Shawn Pagels:

"Addiction treatment."

Joy Jorgenson:

"It's government. It will be wasted."

Helen Thibodeau:

"Set it aside for drug-treatment programs."

Travis West:

"Should go to anti-smoking programs."

Nichol Fritz:

"Wherever it goes I hope it is not wasted and only goes to where it is mostly needed and benefits the whole state and not just a few special counties. I do find it odd that those who smoke cigarettes have been so vilified and yet pot smoking is now legal and how excited by all the new tax revenue everyone seems to be."

Jeff McClintock:

"It will all be wasted in the big special counties.

"I agree, pot smoking is bad for your lungs. I'd rather breathe no smoke at all, I was recently exposed to a 'smoke out' by some idiots in town last week when they opened their car door and the dude still had a joint rolling. However, morons like that would have done it regardless if it was legal or not, now it just makes them worse."

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