Calls for end to Pacific trade bill


I believe reading the mainstream media about Trans-Pacific Partnership and Fast Track Approval of international trade deals, might make you think "fast track" in the form of the Baucus-Camp bill in the U.S. Senate is dead because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have pronounced that it is not going to happen in its present form. However, there is a movement afoot by Republicans (and our own Rep. Rick Larsen) in the House of Representatives to, I believe, put lipstick on the pig that is fast track legislation and slip it through the house. Google H.R. 3830 and read the legislation for yourself. This is a Republican bill that is proudly called "Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act." Rep. Larson has signed onto this bill and proclaims to support it.

You see, he is a member of the new Democrat coalition which is trying to make an end run around the Democratic leadership to enable the passage of Fast Track and approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the U.S. House of Representatives. I believe he is "business friendly", i.e., a tool of the big corporations who desperately want the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be approved without congressional scrutiny. I believe this would be selling out his progressive democratic supporters and the shrinking middle class in America.

Please be aware of this and let Rick Larsen know that you do not support his actions. His office phone number is 202-225-2605.

Joe Wiederhold


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