Calls for end of coal power


I am writing to express my concern about what I believe to be the latest scheme "big coal" is implementing about the exporting of coal through Washington State by appointing former State Attorney General Rob McKenna as their spokesman.

Forever bound and determined, big coal, McKenna, and their supporters, I believe are blindsided by dollar signs, which are being repeatedly mistaken for people and natural resources. Coal is a dirty, toxic, and I believe outdated source of fossil fuel-dependent energy and its use must be discontinued. Our legislators and decision makers must stand up to this shameful bullying. Only then will what I believe to be this corporate insanity run-amok be stopped.

I believe the majority of the people, backed by ample scientific evidence, have spoken: "No coal exports in Washington State, and this includes Whatcom County and Cherry Point!"

Wendy H. Bartlett


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