Backs commercial hemp farming


I hope it is finally time to embrace industrial hemp as an agriculture crop that could be grown in Washington. There has been a bill introduced in the Washington legislature and I believe the federal farm bill addresses it. The hemp plant (also known as cannabis) is refined into products such as hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel. Hemp has been mistakenly placed in the controlled substance category because it in the same genus as marijuana. This is like making all poppies illegal because one kind is used to make heroin. Hemp needs to be removed from this controlled substance category so that it can be grown wherever it is determined to fit in well.

Many things we now use fossil fuels for can be made from this plant. The fossil fuel gorging is over. It's not that there isn't more fossil fuels in the ground, it is that we have gotten all the easy stuff and are now relying on barbaric extraction to get what's left. The extraction, refining and transporting of these fuels is a having huge destructive impact on the clean air, water and land we all depend on. Industrial hemp can be grown in all 50 states and does not need herbicides and pesticides to thrive. It can also be used in crop rotation to protect our land, air and water for future generations. Restoring and embracing industrial hemp is a legacy we could all be proud of.

Peggy Borgens


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