Blames Bush for economic woes


I would like to respond to the letter "United States on wrong path."

Normally, I just pass over what I believe to be an all encompassing factless rant. That probably makes me a low information voter. However I was stuck in a local auto dealership getting some needed work done on my truck and found myself watching FOX news. I was surprised to find much of the same discussion as the letter being reported over and over as news. About every 15 minutes an advertisement for buying gold came on.

As to economic charlatans I consider Bush and Cheney deserve that title as they kept the U.S. in two 10-year wars without putting the cost in any budget, preferring a $3 trillion credit card transaction, and allowing banks and financiers to crush our economy.

Had our present administration not intervened with bailouts and the Federal Reserve with low interest rates to help businesses as well as consumers (think low mortgage rates) our economy might not have had any consumers left to buy anything.

I agree that actions do have consequences and the lowering of tax rates over decades of vote-buying has left us with chronic under-funding of our government.

For me the gold purchases will have to wait until the truck repair bill is paid off, my daughter's education loans are paid, and the refinanced home mortgage paid. Maybe then I will watch some more FOX news and get me some gold!

Chris Phillips


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