Laments demonizing of opponents


In a recent letter to the editor the writer stated that "19th century England is every Tea Party member's envy: no labor laws, no safe work practices, no Social Security etc, etc. profits before people."

Can anyone really know what every Tea Party member feels and thinks. If the writer is correct, then surely you would not find a Tea Party member volunteering at a school, soup kitchen, or volunteer fireman, or donating any financial support to organizations who help those less fortunate. Obviously they would never stop and help someone in need, what possible gain could they find in that.

There is no doubt that Americans have very different opinions about what ails us and how to fix it. That is to be expected, but is the debate now only left to demonizing those who feel differently. Too often that's the tactic we hear on the news, read in the paper and get hammered into us from our leadership. It's an easy trap to fall into but it's the road to nowhere and unfortunately every year more of us travel it.

I have to wonder, have we lost our faith in each other and really believe all this hogwash?

Frank Chambers


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