Says research shows wage gap


I'd like to answer the question posed by a recent letter writer concerning wage gap. Is there a pay gap between men and women in the same occupation? The answer is yes, absolutely. A study published in 2011 found a pay gap of almost $17,000 in starting salary between male and female doctors that could not be explained by factors such as choice of specialty, practice setting, work hours, education or other characteristics. That means that something besides these factors is influencing starting salaries. More concerning is their findings that the pay gap has, in fact, significantly worsened in the past 20 years, and other studies have found similar conclusions among different occupations.The authors of this study and others have pointed to institutional bias or discrimination as a very probably reason for some of the disparity.

There has been decades of research and literally hundreds of studies that all support the fact that women earn less than men, on average, in most occupations. These studies are done by researchers of all political affiliations thus evidence such as this has no political spin or bias as some seem to believe. It's through research that new knowledge is created. Science should not be a political issue, but sadly, due to ignorance, if often becomes one.

Crystal Dawn Stoddard


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