Asks permanent ban on death penalty


My congratulations to Gov. Inslee for his courage and leadership in driving the evolution of the state of Washington as a 21st Century state by imposing a moratorium on the death penalty. As the governor pointed out, there is no evidence that the death penalty deters crime. I believe it is imposed unfairly and is very expensive.

The death penalty seems to have survived as a form of "closure" for the friends and relatives of the victim. I believe killing the criminal will not bring any closure of the loss felt by the relatives of the victim but only a bit of revenge, which many of them do not want. This is not a reason to hang on to a practice that has been abandoned by many of our states and by most of the civilized world.

It is now up to our legislators to show the same courage by starting a conversation about making the moratorium permanent part of our law.

Chuck McGroddy


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