Supports community television station


It is time to tell the story of Whatcom County and to do that, I believe we need a public access television station. As thousands join our community every year, the public needs the ability to create its own unique news and entertainment - defining ourselves rather than relying on content out of Vancouver or Seattle to tell our narrative. Video is our communal campfire, where we gather around to tell stories to each other and a public access station can make that happen.

The effects of public access television are more than just providing local content. Like a library or public market, a station provides a resource and testing ground for future entrepreneurs, experts and advocates. By allowing the public to receive training and access to high-quality equipment, we can become a springboard for future journalists and production professionals.

The money is already set aside, ready to be used to create this community resource and I believe there is a professional team with a top-notch business plan ready to make this happen. All that is required is the support of the city and the city council. I appreciate that our city council meetings are distributed by video but to truly tell the story of our community, the public needs a chance at the microphone. I urge Mayor Linville and our city council members to support public television in Whatcom because we deserve a chance to tell our own story.

J. Riley Sweeney


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