Unhappy with halfway house in neighborhood


Did you know that anyone can lease a house and use it as transitional housing for men just released from prisons or drug treatment centers? Bridges Of Hope has decided to do this in Hinote's Corner at 810 E. Pole Road, next door to New Life Fellowship. This house will be self-regulated by the men living there. No staff working or living there to monitor the residents or their guests. Bridges of Hope would be stopping in to mentor them.

Some may do well in this type of program. Others will fail, many times. Houses like this are operating in Bellingham. I believe there are drugs, crime and other problems going on there. The sheriff said we only have four deputies in the county. There are houses like this that they have had to shut down.

I am upset at this transitional housing in my neighborhood. A residential area with families and children, next door to a church that hosts Awana meetings for children. There is nothing out here. Infrequent buses, no easy access to jobs, social services or shopping. This is not the place to be trying to rehabilitate criminals and addicts. Kids here ride bikes around the neighborhood, walk to the corner store. Our kids should be able to play in their own yards without feeling uncomfortable and worried that there are transient people, recovering addicts and ex-cons living next door. Our neighborhood should not be guinea pigs for Bridges of Hope's pilot program!

Anjanette Larson


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