Asks support for solar energy bill


Many industries withered during the recession, while clean technology and renewable energy not only weathered the storm, but grew over 12 percent. Locally, that meant new high-paying jobs in solar manufacturing and installation, as well as protecting our environment and health while reducing long-term electricity costs for families and businesses. Tax credit incentives offered for solar panels were part of this success.

Several years ago we were able to get solar panels on our roof taking advantage of these incentives. So cool to get kilowatts from the sun to power our home. What we didn't need went back on the grid and this clean energy is used by someone else in my community. I'd much rather my tax dollars go to support clean energy sources like solar or wind than dirty energy like oil, coal and gas.

The Washington legislature is considering an extension of the tax credit for renewable energy systems so more people can benefit from solar energy. This bill proposes to put a management system in place that would measure and ensure that the tax credits administered were accomplishing our goals of creating new jobs in our state. I encourage all Whatcom County representatives to support solar energy.

Nancy Orlowski


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