Says 'Duck Dynasty' shows American family


I believe the genius behind the success of Duck Dynasty is that the Robertson family represents millions of real people all around our country. Viewers simply appreciate that there is a G-rated, family program that is funny, entertaining, represents their values and doesn't spew forth what I believe to be progressive garbage that normally fills the airwaves. Take away the long, hairy beards and the ever-present camo clothing and you have a slice of middle America plopped right in your living room.

I believe many liberals just can't understand how a program that doesn't feature sex and nudity, promote the gay lifestyle or have the characters cussing every other sentence could have possibly become one of the most popular shows on television. And while claiming to be so tolerant of other people's views, I believe they shamefully grasp at anything in trying to silence those with whom they disagree. After the huge public outcry A&E put Phil Robertson back on the TV series, perhaps realizing that the American public wants more real people on TV, not just shows that push left-leaning progressive ideas.

The bait to attract viewers is the beards and camo, but the hook that keeps them watching is the love, fun and loyality displayed in a God-loving American family.

Gordon Bennett


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