Happy with plan to exempt firearms


Regarding the firearms House Bill 2529, three cheers to Overstreet for getting it right!

Overstreet's effort to exempt firearms and ammunition from state sales tax for the next 10 years makes perfect safety sense to me, especially with multiple firearms training programs available to law-abiding Americans. I believe firearms are indeed a basic necessity to protect our safety and our Second Amendment rights, and this elected official helps us rather than hinders us.

And I believe Overstreet is right that his bill will cut crime. American Rifleman magazine carries multiple monthly news articles detailing the the responsible use of a firearm for personal protection. And a Congressional Research Service report shows that as the number of firearms almost doubled over a nearly 20-year period, the "firearm related murder and non-negligent homicide" rate was more than halved. Finally, even the Harvard Law Review admits that more guns equals less crime (Vol.30, No. 2 Kates/Mauser).

In regard to cutting state services to finance this tax reduction, I believe the state should start with defunding Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is currently being sued by Alliance Defending Freedom (on behalf of Washington state taxpayer J. Bloedow) for alledgedly billing fraudulent claims to the state Department of Social and Health Services, as much as $377 million. I believe taxes saved equals lives saved.

Thank you, Overstreet, and remember, I believe guns don't kill people, abortion does.

Tamara Rutgers


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