Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom results, photos and video


Snowboarders from around the country compete in the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom finals, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, at Mt. Baker Ski Area.

Final results:

Division Pro Men winner:Harry Kearney
Time: 1:43.35
Age: 20
Hometown & State / Country: Norwood, Colorado

Pro Women winner:Marie-France Roy
Time: 2:00.78
Age: 30
Hometown & State / Country: Les Eboulements, Quebec

Pro Masters winner: Pat Abramson
Time: 1:50.48
Age: 41
Hometown & State / Country: Boulder, Colorado

Pro Women Masters winner: Marni Yamada
Time: 2:02.64
Age: 35
Hometown & State / Country: Seattle, Washington

Next Generation winner: Jaydn Chomlack
Time: 2:07.76
Age: 11
Hometown & State / Country: Whistler, British Columbia

Junior winner: Hank Kennedy
Time: 1:54.02
Age: 15
Hometown & State / Country: Glacier, Washington

Younger Amateurs winner: Jacob Krugmire
Time: 1:57.66
Age: 17
Hometown & State / Country: University Place, Washington

Older Amateurs winner: Spencer Cordovano
Time: 1:51.20
Age: 26
Hometown & State / Country: Hailey, Idaho

Women Amateurs winner: Martina Nemcova
Time: 2:03.42
Age: 23
Hometown & State / Country: Boulder, Colorado

Women Masters winner: Kelly Edmonds
Time: 2:09.33
Age: 34
Hometown & State / Country: Shoreline, Washington

Masters winner: Scott Reynolds
Time: 1:51.67
Age: 31
Hometown & State / Country: Rossland, British Columbia

Mid Masters winner: Tim Gallagher
Time: 1:58.35
Age: 44
Hometown & State / Country: Mammoth Lakes, California

Grand Masters winner: Jay Moore
Time: 2:01.01
Age: 50
Hometown & State / Country: Bozeman, Montana

Watch Video:

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