Agrees bicyclists should be taxed


I agree with the gentleman's response to a letter headlined "More bike-friendly city." City(s) spend millions taking away large chunks of roadways that cars used as a necessity to drive within safe parameters; then turned into bike lanes which cause loss of parking spaces, etc., and are tough on businesses.

While bike lanes help bikers immeasurably, many decide they are not enough and ride in the middle of the streets, weave in and out of auto lanes dangerously, dart in front of traffic, and so on.

I'm for bikers having safe areas to ride in. However, cars pay high road taxes, trucks even more. Bikers accept the fact their lanes cost millions, but I believe feel they have a free ride here, no pun intended. Many also feel they own the road, ignoring the rules; thus law-abiding bikers are lumped in with ignoramuses when we lose patience with them and the new system.

They need to pay a small share of road upkeep. My son, a little kid 60 years ago had his first bike (taught safety), paid a small bike tax about 25 cents a year. The little plate was on the back of the bike (with pride), a reflector, plus required light on the front. I see bikers, no lights, wearing black clothing at night. Others, baby carriers bolted to the bike, no flag to notify the presence of a child inside!

Roads are for everyone. The law should be honored, respect given all, and a fair share percentage paid.

Aurelie Hurd


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