Worried American on wrong path


I believe the United States is on the wrong path - culturally, morally, and, above all, economically.

We need to return to moral and fiscal responsibility which will enable success for the individual who bases his actions on the way the world is rather than the way he would like it to be.

Today, I believe the government is bent on spending the United States into oblivion. The people who have their hands on the fiscal and monetary controls are economic charlatans who are focused on their own power.

Instead of allowing people to be free to naturally stimulate the economy through voluntary transactions, I believe they are forcing "solutions" on us that are guaranteed to make things worse.

These economic quacks excel at shouting nonsensical phrases and slogans such as "shared prosperity" and "social justice." And, sadly, low-information voters wildly cheer them on as though they had come up with a cure for cancer.

Actions have consequences, and decades of politically inspired redistribution-of-wealth policies cannot escape the effects of universal law.

I believe people are now addicted to the good-life aberration provided by our nanny state, and no politician has the nerve to tell them that the well is rapidly running dry.

Wayne Farber


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