Says cyclists pay taxes to support roads


In thinking about taxes on bicycles (letter to the editor Jan. 31) a few thoughts come to mind. Myself and others who regularly bike on public roads do pay the taxes that cover the cost of these roads. Roads are ultimately paid for with a combination of money from every level of government (federal, state, county, municipality) from every type of tax you can think of (income, property, sales, gas, etc.). Bicyclists such as myself pay all these taxes, as does the non-bicyclist. We all pay for the same roads that we all use. Further, the wear and tear my bike makes to the road is nothing compared to the wear and tear that my car creates. In the socialist experiment that is our nation's transportation system, we all need to stick together, as we are all required to pay together. Yes, I bike Monday through Friday, but on the weekends I enjoy putting gas in my car and racking up the sales tax.

Joe Gibson


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