Frozen fire hydrants delay extinguishing of Sandy Point fire


Frozen fire hydrants made it difficult for firefighters to put out a blaze that engulfed a small field and a shed Thursday afternoon, Feb. 6, on Sandy Point.

What was described as a 300-square-foot grass fire in a field along Salt Spring Drive about 5 p.m. ended up buring between three and four acres of land, Whatcom County Fire District 17 Chief Jim Petrie said. The fire took three and a half hours to extinguish.

"It was so cold and dry that we had a couple of frozen fire hydrants," Petrie said.

The fire was contained within the field about 6 p.m., Petrie said.

Whatcom County Fire Inspector Mitch Nolze said the fire was exacerbated by unusually dry conditions and high winds. There was no damage to surrounding buildings, he said.

The fire is believed to have been caused by fireplace ashes that were not properly disposed of, Nolze said.

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