Concerned that cyclists don't follow rules


I believe Bellingham has been quite bike-friendly compared to many cities of this size; however, many young people in Bellingham who ride bikes are not abiding by the laws pertaining to their priviledge.

They seem to wear dark clothing, except for others who ride in competitive bike events who wear bright yellow jackets. They do not always pay attention to the rules of the roads. I live in Sudden Valley, and several times each week drive to and around town, shaking my head at some of these bike riders, crossing in front of three lanes of traffic to the right for a right turn, riding across the street in the pedestrian walk, riding on the wrong side of the street even when there are bike lanes, and in general giving me the concern that those bike riders need to re-read the rules and regs. What is worse, more than 50 percent of the bikers do not have lights on their bikes. I do not see the police stopping them for this very important rule. Yes, there are numerous who apparently are competitive riders obeying the rules and better with their attire and bikes, but I am so concerned about those that do not; I have never seen a biker receiving a ticket. Why not?

Neatha Robinson


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