Says bicyclists pay fair share of taxes


A letter in the Jan. 31 Herald claimed that bicyclists do not have a right to use city or county roads because cyclists "do not pay taxes to support construction or repair of the roads you use." This is untrue. Sales tax collected in the city and county, including from the sale of bicycles and parts, pays for construction and repair of roads and streets. Federal, state and local grants are also used. Yes, some money comes from the state gas tax, which the writer assumes cyclists do not pay. Most cyclists also drive motor vehicles. As more people opt for other means to get around, gas tax collection is decreasing, and reliance on sales tax and grants for street maintenance is increasing. The letter writer also suggested a tax on bicycles. If anything, I belive cyclists should receive a subsidy, not be penalized, for reducing carbon emissions and using fewer resources.

Dave Tucker


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