Unhappy with transitional housing


I just left a meeting at New Life Fellowship and the topic was Bridges of Hope, mens transitional housing. They want to put men straight from prison in front of the church at 810 E. Pole Road. The church had no knowledge of this, they just let Bridges of Hope have a community meeting there. These men would self-regulate the house. There is nothing here but a couple of stores, car repair shop, and a whole lot of trees behind us to hide in.

Obviously, I am against it. My 16-year-old and others get on the bus right in front of the house. Sheriff Elfo was there and the committee.

Bridges of Hope is located in Lynden. Have it in Lynden.

They let us talk, and tell them what we thought and asked questions, finally the question was asked, "have you leased the house?" Yes, they have.

Hmmmm. Why have the meeting if they already are going to do it?

I am a recovering person, and I support people getting clean. No doubt. But it takes more than two addicts talking to one another. It takes years to change your life. Years! I believe this self-regulated house will turn into a drug house, just like all the other failed ones in Bellingham.

These are cons. I believe they think differently, unless a miracle occurs.

Shall we rely on a miracle? I worry about the church and all the children who study there.

Sheriff Elfo said only four deputies on at a time. Hmmm. We are gonna fight.

Kim Sandberg


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