Rave: Parks allowed nature to take its course


A few weeks ago, an eager beaver began gnawing at a tree along the side of the Derby Pond in Whatcom Falls Park. The parks department removed a bench in the tree’s way, and posted a notice that they were going to let the beaver finish its work — something our family appreciated so much.

Over the following weeks, many trips were made to watch the progress, always amazed at the dif-ference and wondering when the tree might fall. Trips to the library and Internet searches were made to learn more about beavers — the “Beaver Tree” was the buzz of the park and neighborhood kids.

This past Wednesday, shouts of glee were heard on the trail as three of our kids discovered the tree was down. Sadly, the finishing touch was made by a chain saw, but we were excited nonethe-less! The gentlemen handling the tree told us it would be moved to a place where the beaver could harvest the branches, and we could continue to witness the final stages of the process.

We are so thankful to the parks department for allowing us this invaluable experience. The tree was in a place where they could have easily chopped it down as soon as the beaver had started the “damage.” Instead, they left it, giving our community the opportunity to watch the wonders of our natural world in our own backyard.

- Cichowski family of Bellingham via Letters to the Editor

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