Unhappy with Boeing deal


Many celebrated the agreement between the Boeing Company and the Machinists Union, assuring that the 777X will be assembled in this state.

While retaining many living wage jobs is vital to strengthening our local economy, I must question the high price Boeing extracted from our politicians and the men and women who produce the quality aircraft that keep the corporation profitable. First Boeing received $8.7 billion in tax breaks from the state legislature. As if that was not enough, they held the workforce hostage by threatening to move production elsewhere if they did not give up their traditional pension plan.

Meanwhile, the board of directors saw fit to reward Boeing president W. James McNerny Jr. with over $27 million in compensation in 2012, including a $6.36 million contribution to his pension. Why does McNerny deserve a pension, but not those who produce the products he sells?

It is sad that Boeing has forgotten to honor their roots in the Pacific Northwest, dating back to their foundation in 1916. The workforce and taxpayers of Washington deserve more respect.

Kelly Kendall


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